January 22, 2011

Hello Sailor When Your Lights Are Out (2006)

Recorded, mixed & mastered at
Uptown Studios, Auckland, NZ, 2006

**** NZ Herald “…it’s hard not to find its low-voltage high spirits infectious.

‘When Your Lights Are Out’ is essentially an alternative greatest hits and there are some nice surprises. New Tattoo is transformed from a one-note rocker to a clever pop song of some subtlety; to think all it needed was a change of clothes! Of course Gutter Black will be known anew to any watchers of TVs Outrageous Fortune. And then there are gems Latin Lover and Blue Lady book ending this fine set list of pop-rock tunes. – By Simon Sweetman, NZ Musician

Credits: Producer

“We enjoyed working with Ben on the When Your Lights are Out project.  We’ve always worked collaboratively with producers and Ben fitted right in offering constructive direction and a good set of ears but always open to ideas from the band.” – Harry Lyon, Hello Sailor